IT Security

web app firewall

Web Application Firewall

Filters, and blocks traffic to and from an application, detecting and blocking anything malicious and could filter the web applications while regular firewalls serve as a safety gate between servers.

Next generation firewall

Next Generation Firewall

Functions such as packet filtering, network- and port-address translation, stateful inspection, VPN support. Better filtering of network traffic on the packet contents.

Security monitoring

Security Monitoring & SIEM

From vulnerable devices and operating systems, to mobile and public cloud computing, to third-party service providers, collecting and finding information to detect malicious behavior or unauthorized system changes on network, defining types of behavior which should be named as threats, and taking action on threats as needed.

Server and endpoint sec

Server & Endpoint Security

Approach to the protection of networks, remotely bridged to client devices, and other wireless devices to corporate networks. A software approach which helps to identify and manage the users’ computers access over a corporate network and to monitor operation functions and data backup strategies.


Antivirus system

Ensure to protect users from: malicious Browser helper objects (BHOs), Hijackers, Ransomware, Key- loggers, Backdoors, Rootkits, Trojan-Horses, Worms, Lsps, Dialers, Fraud-tools, Adware and Spywares. prevention from other threats and infected malicious, Spams, Scams, Phishing, online identity, Banking attacks, (APT)and Botnet-DDOS attacks.