IT Infrastructure

Enterprise and Core

Enterprise and Core Network

Backbone of your company, Connecting Computers and Devices across Departments and Network for enable Data Accessibility. We Provide a Corporate Network for internal and external Enterprise Data Management.

Next generation network

Next-Generation Network/Converged

Data are encapsulated in packet form, including audio and multimedia transmissions. Packet based networks for Broadband, telecommunications.

Data Center & Server Load

Data Center & Server Load Balancing

Facilitating loads for Data Centers, Computing Appliances and Network Connections. Enables the Optimization of Resources, Latency and increases performance outputs.


Private and Public Cloud Solution

Private and Public Cloud for your Organizations and Environment.



Variety of Virtualizations such as desktop, server, file, storage and network. From Companies VMware, Microsoft, Redhat and Nutanix’s Hyper Converged Infrastructure.

Data Backup

Data Backup Solution

Solutions to Protect Data from Natural Disaster, theft situation or other kinds of emergencies. Provide increasingly reliance of Data Security and Data Recovery.

Email Services

Email services

Webmail Services for your Business with Specific Domain name and Addresses related to your companies.

Video Conferenciong

Video Conferencing

Transmission of full-motion video images and high-quality audio between multiple locations and two or more people in different locations.